IV Nutrition & IV Vitamin Drip Medical Weight Loss

Your solution to managing Colds, Flu, Hangovers & Migraine headaches. Slow the signs of Aging at the Cellular level, Boost Athletic Performance and Recovery, Increase Metabolism and Enhance Weight loss efforts
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Our Team

We are a team consisting of Registered Nurses and a Nurse Practitioner. Our goals are to help clients achieve maximal wellness and live their best by feeling their best! With over 40years of combined nursing practice, our experience and training will provide each client with a personalized and unique experience.
Amy Ferrara, MS, APRN, FNP-BC
Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner


IV Vitamin & Supplement Menu

  • Hydration
  • Energy Boost
  • Immune Support
  • Migraine Relief
  • Hangover cure
  • Athletic Performance Recovery
  • NAD+
  • Weight Loss
  • Glow drip for Skin Brightening
  • Peptide Injections
  • Concierge Service for additional Fee


  • IV Nutrition Therapy
  • Skin Brightening Glutathione drip
  • Optimal Aging drip with NAD+
  • Vitamin B-12 shot
  • Vitamin D shot
  • Weight Loss Drip
  • Medical Weight Loss Program
  • Athletic Performance & Recovery-enhance workouts/recovery
  • Optimum Fitness Peptide therapy
  • *$50 fee applies to appointments cancelled less than 24hrs


  • Meyer's Cocktail: $180
  • Invigorate Immunity: $195
  • Migraine Relief: $200
  • Invigorate Party Mix for hangovers: $195
  • Autoimmune Therapy-personalized to meet your individual needs: $230
  • Invigorate Performance Mix-Athletic enhancement and recovery: $260
  • Glutathione Drip for Skin Brightening: $250 - $600
  • NAD+ anti-aging drip: $300 - $800
  • Vitamin B-12 Shot: $40 - $60
  • Vitamin D shot: $40
  • Weight Loss Consultation: $125
  • B-Lean Drip-Burn Fat+Boost Metaolism+Enhance Blood Flow & Circulation: $300
  • Medical Weight Loss monthly: $450
  • Concierge Fee: $50
  • Late Cancellation Fee: $50


“Very Professional. Provided information necessary to choose which vitamins were needed for me. The next morning I felt more energetic!”

From Kim F. an on-site client

“They are professional, and courteous. Moreover, they gather information from the patient to provide adequate treatment. I feel great after the infusion.”

From Angela M. a client who received an infusion at her home

“Amy was amazing and very knowledgeable about IV nutrition therapy, specifically for athletic performance and recovery. I used to work through the pain until I discovered IV therapy...I am neck and elbow pain free and feel amazing! It took less than an hour.”

From Tommy S. an on-site client


On Site & Mobile drips available

New Beginnings Wellness Center

323 E. Main St. Ste 1
Smithtown, NY 11787

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